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remember me?

hey, i'm nahzi, class of twenty-oh-two. just stumbled across this and thought i'd say hi!

i'm a soph. at uw now doing the pre-med thing, double-majoring in biology and near eastern languages and civilizations. i have fond memories of being a kang, but i wouldn't go back if someone paid me.

comment back! <3

edit: PHIL!!!!
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Deleted comment

PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL PHIL! same here! i miss you tons and it's been way too long. come & visit.
p.s. how the hell are you????

NAHZI! indeed.
Edit: I didn't even notice you were listening to Cherub Rock, when I posted the first two images. They just always live in my UW website directory, the first being of my sister and all. Now that is wierd.
BRANDON! whoa. maybe this community should be northstar instead of lw.

how are you, how is life, how is aden?
cute picture of us, and weeeeeird about smashing pumpkins...
see what strange things can happen when you are wandering around on the net? by the way, I totally just started a northstar community (trying to avoid studying for finals...) so... JOIN! haha
Aha! I vaguely remember you, since you went to school with my brother and all.
aha! i remember you too, d.c. and hunter.
such a cool community.
Yo! Hunter here. Long time no see...

I have been in St Cloud, MN, studying Aviation, but then I realized that though I love aviation, I HATE the Aviation industry. So I'm coming back to Seattle or Bellingham (depends on what I find out when the xfer apps come back ^_^') to study Polisci.
heyyy hunter, it has been a long time.
wow, i hadn't realized you were so far away. & sorry about the whole aviation thing falling through, but better to realize it now than a couple years down the road.
seattle or bellingham, as in, uw or western? cool. i love uw, although its enormous size can be intimidating at first. the polisci dept here is awesome from what i've heard and from the one polisci class i took. and i don't know anything about western, except that it's a lot smaller than the u...
anyway, good luck with all that!
WWU's poly sci department is TINY TINY TINY TINY TINY, according to my friend che, who is about to graduate from WWU with a poly sci degree.
hey nahzi! how goes it?
shealagh!!!! how are you??
i'm fine, how are you? how's life on the best/west side of the mountains?
Holy crap, I went to school with you at Northstar! :O
Although I seriously doubt you remember who I am from my LJ user pic.


I looked more like this then.

Deleted comment

Deleted comment


Good call.

I'm glad SOMEONE had another picture of me in high school - I could only find THAT one.
holy crap! i TOTALLY remember you!

Someone remembers me!

of COURSE!! how are you kristin?
Not too bad. Business as usual here, I suppose ;)

School, work, blah blah blah ;)