Aznflavoredboy (aznflavoredboy) wrote in lwhs,

So apparently the TOLO theme for this year is Hollywood something. We have to dress like celebrities or just somehwhat famous ppl in general. I've never been to TOLO before, but since this is my last year at LW i figured I better try everything out atleast once, well except the Puple and White party. I really didn't want to go to that. But anyway I"m going to Tolo this year in a grouop of 4 guys. Thats right, we're all dateless but we'll still party it up and have a good time.

Oh today Dawson totally scarred this kid that was sleeping in his class. I have dawson 6th period and I walk to his class from Music theory and there was a kid sleeping there from 5th period. so we're all telling dawson not to wake him up and just let him sleep thru the rest of the school day, too bad Dawson didn't listen to us, it would have been funny if that kid woke up in the middle of 6th period with a whole different class around him.

Speaking of Dawson, I have a pic of him in his famous halloween costume. Sorry if u guys are gettin tired or annoyed of me posting these.


oh man good times.

here's another one of severson that I thought was really funny. He looks so small.

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