Aznflavoredboy (aznflavoredboy) wrote in lwhs,

SO today I wore my sister's LW lettermen's jacket to school. She graduated in the class of 1995. I can't beleive I"m here now graduating 10 years after her. TImes have defenitely changed, I remember going with her to drill-team practices in the early morning and and help gather up the super-huge pom poms they had. I suppose I was the official "Pom-Pom Boy"....Thats my most interesting job title so far and I was only 7 years old when I achieved it. I wonder what my life is gonna be like when I graduate.

Does anyone have any words of encouragement or advice for me when graduation and the idea of "stepping up to maturity" rolls around?

I'm actually kinda scared of moving on...however I'll probably stay in seattle for college then move out to california.
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