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LWHS Kangs' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
LWHS Kangs

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[20 Oct 2003|10:42pm]

so who here actually goes to LW right now? and what is your name and grade?
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hey [19 Oct 2003|10:06am]

[ mood | content ]

I'm new on livejournal (but I have a deadjournal) and new in this community. Who all in this community goes to LW and is not just alumni? I am James Storbeck, a spohomore at LW.

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okay [08 Mar 2003|11:03am]

Is this like a community for people who are desperately holding onto their highschool years?
I cant fathom this. Highschool SUCKS TERRIBLY.
Unless you're: Rich, stupid, popular, pretty, an athlete, or just a nerd who likes school; but I think even the nerds hate the atmosphere.
Not trying to be negative, but I have to be, its me and highschool has done it to me.
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[x-post] DISNEYLAND (by Dina and Kristin) [11 Nov 2002|10:16pm]

[ mood | retarded ]

- Mullets, mullets, mullets.
- Splash Mountain
- Waking up waaaaay too early
- Heat Exhaustion
- Hot Band/Choir outfits
- The retarded tour group lady
- 150 high school students on an airplane
- leaving Seattle at 4:30 IN THE MORNING
- Hearing Cap'n Jim say "THE ASSCRACK OF DAWN"
- Personalized hats
- Space Mountain
- Cheshire kitties
- Caramel Apples
- Frozen Bananas
- the workshop
- dodging your group leader
- Nathan Dean... in his underwear
- Carl Vander-Ho and Sarah Bruce in the hot tub
- naked classmates
- lost luggage
- broken instruments
- lost choir music
- Mr. Adkins and the Pirate Hat
- Cap'n Jim and the Pirate Hat
- Air Conditioning
- riding the "It's A Small World" ride specifically FOR the air conditioning
- long lines
- parasols and 3rd degree sunburns
- feet hurty
- taking too many pictures
- the haunted house and people who are afraid of elevators
- Goth Chicks without sunburns
- Having a fucking blast

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Mmmmmmmmm. Cretins. [21 Jul 2002|12:16pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This is old, but...

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[17 Jun 2002|11:59pm]

[ mood | proud ]

Just got back from graduation. My little brother Hunter is now out of high school. *sniff sniff*

It was weird being at Safeco, since I've always been at the Juanita Fieldhouse for graduation... a lot less stifling, let me tell you.

Most of the speeches sucked, but what to you expect?

My favorite moments were when someone pulled out an inflatable doll and started passing it around the seniors, and when some guy got his diploma, ripped off his robes and took a run for it.

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Just a reminder: [20 May 2002|11:27am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Spamming will NOT be tolerated.

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Represent! [14 May 2002|01:17pm]

What? What?

Holla back!
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LWHS IN DA HAUUUUUUUUUUS! [04 May 2002|03:05pm]

[ mood | silly ]

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[22 Mar 2002|11:07pm]

[ mood | mouth ouchy! ]

Randomly ran into Robyn Greaby at a bookstore in the U District yesterday.

It was really good seeing her. I haven't seen her in AGES. We had a nice little talk, but I had to run because the meter was running out.

I also stopped by the ol' haunt, but none of the teachers I wanted to see were avaliable. They were either a) not there or b) in class.

How disappointing.

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Then...... and now. [17 Mar 2002|03:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Post your high school pictures, kiddos.

that was me?Collapse )

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[17 Mar 2002|01:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Uhh, guys...

You know, you can post stuff too. :)

It looks kinda retarded when Kristin and I are the only ones posting...

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LOOK! It's half our classmates! [10 Mar 2002|03:16pm]

[ mood | silly ]

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[10 Mar 2002|03:02pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

New icon.

*points at it*

I r0x0r. ;)

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[10 Mar 2002|02:39pm]

[ mood | silly ]

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[09 Mar 2002|07:26pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


*clap clap, clap clap clap*

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[03 Mar 2002|06:51pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I was just thinking... High School would have been so much less traumatizing if most of LWHS's admins hadn't been complete morons.

There's no better way to make a student hate school than to continually keep changing their graudation requirments on a case by case basis.

Gee, thanks - I'm glad to know that I had to do extra work to graduate. Fuckers. I'm so glad I'm in college.

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[02 Mar 2002|05:47pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Damn poll won't work. Bahh.

So, I'll just ask, then.

Who would win in Celebrity Deathmatch: Mr. Gentle or Mr. Robertson?

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FNAAAAAH [28 Feb 2002|09:07pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So, who was everyone's favorite LWHS teacher?

Gotta get SOMETHING going here! C'mon, people! Work with me here!

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[27 Feb 2002|01:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey everyone.

I'm absolutely sure none of you remember me, but lintilla and myself are your beautiful co-hosts of this community.

We graduated in 2000 and are now attending Western Washington University.

Dina's on the left. That's me (Kristin) on the right.

Welcome to the community, kids.

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